So if Pirate Mike had a Patreon page, what would I have to give you every month to get you to think it was a good deal to pay $1 a month to be a member in it? Original art? Drawings? Contests? Videos? Rough drafts? Discounts on Mike merchandise? Here’s the Patreon site of my friend, Phil Juliano, in case you wanted to see what one was all about:


8 thoughts on “QUESTION OF THE DAY!

  1. What would the contests be like if Pirate Mike had Patreon support?

    Speaking of Patreon, the only thing I am currently supported on the Patreon site is the revival of Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus’ comic strip My Cage (which ran in about 50 newspapers more or less from 2007 to 2010). I even have supported on Patreon in the past 3 other Patreon members for at least a month each.

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    • I don’t know. I’ve thought of something like a simple lottery drawing a month for an original sketch of your choice or so you can tell me which character you want to see me draw and I could upload a video of how I draw that character.

      I’ve also thought about having folks submit Pirate Mike ideas with the winner getting drawn up as a strip and published, or maybe folks submitting Pirate Mike theme song ideas.

      It seems to me there’s the twofold component: (1) something fun that folks would want to do, and (2) some neat result or thing that folks would to have as a result of having done the fun thing (maybe a free mug, or getting to choose the next plush Pirate Mike toy or something).

      I want to do a number of different things (maybe something different each month, or maybe some other stuff like an art drawing every month) where people would be able to sincerely believe that paying $1 a month is a really good deal for them.

      It’s the whole Starbucks coffee thing: geez, really? $2 for a cup of coffee? And a lot of folks drop that kind of cash EVERY DAY. So I’m one of the legion of people trying to crack that code: what would convince people that a $1 a month would be a great deal to be a part of the Pirate Mike Patreon Club.

      The strip itself would continue to be free, so why drop $1 a month on the Pirate Mike Patreon Club? I’m not convinced that simply saying, hey, thanks for supporting me, is enough of an incentive to get a critical mass of folks cheerfully parting with a dollar every month for an indefinite period of time. I think one can get a few folks that way, but it seems that is a very limited revenue stream.


  2. I know one blogger/artist ‘Daisy Yellow’, she offers ‘FREE’ classes, but if you put $5 or more in her ‘tip jar’ a pay pal payment button, where you choose the amount, she’ll add you to a private closed group on Facebook where you have access to her to ask questions etc. She also does online classes for a fee and has over 3,000 people in her ‘closed’ group. Back to the pirate, and the once a month thing, I personally don’t like the idea of a monthly amount drawn from my account… I prefer an annual subscription deal, for say $12 to $20 for a year of access to exclusive content (in addition to the free comics), the exclusive content could be a private, closed facebook group, or a password protected area of your blog where paid subscribers could get access to whatever lottery or video or whatever… also maybe a monthly newsletter via email, or discounts on mugs, toys, next comic book you print. So in a nut shell I probably wouldn’t want to do the once a month thing, no matter how cheap it is… but maybe that’s just me.


    • That’s fascinating! And I had _never_ considered the idea of a once a month versus annual fee. Great observation. I am definitely going to have to think about that. I totally agree about the discounts. And the monthly newsletter is a very smart idea, just to let folks know what’s going on, etc., in case they missed something. Incorporating it into some sort of Facebook group is also an interesting idea. Mmm. Maybe a Patreon thing for those folks who want to pay monthly and then maybe a PayPal tip jar for folks who like the one-time payment options.


      So many things to consider!

      Thanks, Elaine! Great ideas!


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