Here’s where I started:

Superheroes A 750

I wanted to do the middle-panel as one of those Kirby narrative balloons where he has the character’s head floating over a kind of thought bubble. But it didn’t work here, as you can see, because I had to have Pirate Mike butt in to set up the punch line in the final panel. The perils of the three panel strip, you see. Four panels, and I could have pulled it off. I usually don’t mind one panel, or two panels, but, for some reason, unless absolutely necessary, I think four panels are me just being lazy in my editing. I don’t think I’ve done a four panel Mike strip yet, though they used to be standard for me on my previous strips.

The other problem: do I want Mike to give a final observation? I have him saying, “of course,” here, but I thought that it took away from the joke landing with a decisive beat. I think something like “of course” works, but I opted against it as one of many good options I chose not to pursue.

Another problem: yikes. I wasn’t so crazy about how tiny Artie looks there in that third panel. I fiddled with it for a bit and resized him, resized Mike, and then I decided that I just couldn’t get their relationship right size-wise when it hit me: duh. This is why God created copy and paste. So I decided to invert the first panel and use that as my layout pencils for the my third panel as well, as you can see here:

Superheroes B 750

I’ve eliminated the Kirby cloud in panel two and moved Mike below Revenger Man. I had had Artie giving a longer exposition of why Revenger Man is so grim, but then I decided it would be best for Revenger Man to illustrate the point himself. I might change the uniform a bit in the future as the coloring and design reminds me a bit _too_ much of The Incredibles and, as one astute reader pointed out, Robin. I have a couple of ideas in mind that might push him more in a Batman direction, but not too much, I hope. I just got caught up in the color scheme of the strip generally and I don’t think those colors are good for Revenger Man. I’ll have to think about it.

Then I started inking which revealed a few more challenges:

Superheroes C 750

Again, yuck! What is it with that third panel! Artie is still killing me. The sizing is all wrong. I tried (again) to size and resize with the editing tool in Manga Studio and I just couldn’t get it. Also, oddly enough, I found Artie’s hair from the first panel difficult to pull off again. So I decided to ink more in line with the underlying pencil layer, which brought me to this point:

Superheroes D 750

Here, I start fiddling with Mike’s reaction. I felt the reaction in the immediately preceding version was not pronounced enough to highlight the fact that Artie’s statement is bizarre considering the context. So I made it a little bit more of a “huh?” reaction.

I also moved Artie’s word balloon to the middle of the panel as I felt that it received more weight that way, making any words from Mike really unnecessary. Thus, we (finally) wind up at where the strip came out:

Superheroes 5 750

See you Friday for the new strip!


4 thoughts on “WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY: Revenger Man!

  1. I really appreciate that, Pam. I think you might be right. One of the things I’m looking forward to doing is going through the Pirate Mike comic book and kind of reviewing where things stand. Let me know when you get your copy! I’d like to hear what you think of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just got my copy yesterday. I have to tell you that I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!
      So often a collection of strips reads just like that… a bunch of strips thrown together. But your strips tell a story and have a connective thread throughout.
      I noticed a few revisions in wording and you really nailed it. The tone was consistent, the characters and colors were consistent. Not one thing took me out of the story. I read it from front to back. Laughed the whole way.
      I also love that you didn’t take yourself too seriously- you really had fun with it.

      It’s professional, funny, and extremely WELL DONE!!!! BRAVO!!!!
      (By the way- if you need an “official” review somewhere- let me know- be glad to do it.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I can’t ask for higher praise than that, Pam! I had a LOT of fun with it and plan to do it again next year. (and, believe me, you are the first testimonial I’ll seek!) Thanks as always for your encouragement and support. I really appreciate. It means a lot to me and is _extremely_ helpful!


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