WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY: Cover To First Collection!

I realized after posting on Monday that I had a _great_ item for today’s workshop: the cover to the comic book collection!

Here they are side by side. The one with his eyes closed is the one I initially decided on. The eyes open is the one I actually used (in case you hadn’t noticed).


Front Cover first versionFront Cover

I don’t know what caused me to be dissatisfied with the first one. As you can see, I was pretty happy with it to the point that I finished it. But once I had the eyes bugging out with Mike looking at us, well, that’s a no-brainer (in my opinion).

I tried to do a little bit of homage to my 1970s comic books, when a first issue actually meant something, so it really _was_ fantastic. I also enjoyed putting the parking meter just ever so slightly in the background. That to me is the punch line here: that he’s in a rage over a parking ticket. Mike responds to this occurrence with his typical lack of measure.

I’m really happy with the cover. Anybody prefer the first version?

See you Friday for (finally) a new Pirate Mike strip!


4 thoughts on “WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY: Cover To First Collection!

  1. Once again- your instincts are right on! The first cover is nice, the second one is PERFECT!
    Congrats on such a successful comicon. Loved seeing all the photos too. Go YOU!!!!


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