MASTERPIECE MONDAY: First Collection For Convention Season and Alpha X!

WOO-HOO! Here it is, folks! The cover to the very first Pirate Mike collection!

Front Cover

Oh, yeah, and I’m selling a print of the cover now over at Mike’s store. Hint, hint.

The plan is to have the full collection for sale at the two (count’em! TWO!) comics conventions my Twin Cities Comics Collective buddies and I will be at in May: Wizard World Minneapolis, May 1-3 and (my favorite) MSP ComicCon, May 16-17 at the best fairgrounds in the world (uh, St. Paul’s!, duh!).

At the moment, I’m thinking the collection will be $5.00 (USD) and in comic book format. See how I’m preparing for people from around the world coming to the convention solely to purchase their Pirate Mike collections? I think of these things. I’m an entrepreneur.

The collection will include a couple of goodies: (1) the very first Pirate Mike sketches from my notebook along with some early ideas for his name; and (2) a full page pinup of Mike from the fabled pen of Phil “Best In Show” Juliano. It’s very cool to see Mike drawn in such a different style! I think you’ll get a kick out of it, too.

If you purchase your collection from me at the convention, I’ll do something crazy for you like sign it or doodle on it, but I wouldn’t recommend it, because then, years from now, you’ll have to pay an appraiser to issue a certificate of authenticity. Otherwise, you’ll just have a bunch of paper with ink stains on it. Just ask me. Nobody believes that I really did get Stan Lee’s signature on my Iron Man #1 wayyyyy back in 1986. It happened. Nobody can take away what’s in here (tapping chest defiantly).

Finally, remember, I’m also pushing you to blow cash on another project of mine I’m doing with my friends at the TC3: the Alpha X comic book! It’s got disgusting aliens and cool spaceships! We have a Kickstarter-esque Indiegogo campaign going to raise money for us to bring Alpha X to life in time for convention season.

We’re starting to get down to the wire and I know it’s like a basketball game or an eBay auction: that’s where all the action is. So if you’ve been thinking about putting a couple of bucks in our pockets to get this thing off the ground, I would appreciate it kindly if you got off your duff and did it sooner than later. We’re even giving away cool stuff, including original sketches (in color!), for instance, if you part with 30 of your hard-earned USDs!

In case my faux-aggressive bluster does not motivate you, then, please! for the love of all that is good in this world! please! I beg of you! give us monetary support! Please!

I’ve got some other stuff coming up soon that are kind of fun, so I’ll keep you posted on those, too, off and on.

See you Wednesday!



5 thoughts on “MASTERPIECE MONDAY: First Collection For Convention Season and Alpha X!

  1. I want to buy a copy of the collection… with your signature etc. when it’s ready. So save me a copy or ELSE!!!!
    Looking great Brad! Congrats!
    Now I’ll head over to the kickstarter and see about supporting.
    Have a great week!!!


    • Thanks for supporting the kickstarter, Pam! You’ll find that the issue also contains a one-page “funny” comic by me, too! And I will _definitely_ have your signed copy ready to go, so no problems there! I always appreciate your very generous support. Thanks.


    • Excellent! I think a lot of fun stuff is going on with Mike. I still feel like I’m _just_ starting to understand the character. The next year should be interesting to see where it goes from here.


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