Workshop Wednesday: In The Dark!

This one has quite a few iterations to it, so in an effort to minimize the lonnnnnnnnng scrolling, I’m going to try to show the iterations in little groups of two with commentary for each group delivered below it. Let me know if you think that helps.

Here are the versions for the strip and where it ended up:

Revenge A 750Revenge B 750

Above is the first phase. I knew I wanted Mike and his wife having an exchange about why he was sitting in the dark. To get right to it, I knew I wanted just the “clik!” of the light. The question then would become what would Mike say? I wasn’t entirely sure I liked the initial wording, so then I went to this next phase:


You can see I dabbled with the idea of leaving the wife in for all three panels having an exchange with Mike and Mike blowing up in the last panel (which always gives me a chuckle), but other than Mike cursing (hence the deletion here!), I wasn’t able to really come up with anything.  I did, however, come up with the idea of the wife whirling around at relief to not being involved in Mike’s lunacy and that set me on my path to the final version, below:

Revenge E 750Revenge 2 750

I found the final version above where he’s sitting in the dark to be much funnier. Plus it also gave me the chance to use white “ink” on a black background and, perhaps best, come up with the wife’s simple, “Nope!” while she smiles broadly about not being involved in Mike’s lunacy!

So let me know what you think! See you Friday for another new Pirate Mike strip!


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