Workshop Wednesday: Facebook!

So last week’s strip was a little bit of a throwback for me and it went like I hoped it would.

Here’s where the strip stood toward the beginning of the process. You’ll notice that at first, there’s another “zzzzzz” covering up what Blinky is saying in the first panel. When I made the initial notes, I was planning on not having revealed the whole “feeding to the sharks thing” yet (ie., I hadn’t figured it out yet, so I was still going to have to fudge on it). But when that popped into my head, I figured another “zzzzz” wasn’t going to be pleasing to most folks, so I moved the Shark strip up and put this one back a week:

facebook A

You can see I started with some gray “pencils” and then started inking in the lettering. So far, pretty standard. I knew I wanted them around a table, I knew I wanted them to say they found him on Facebook, and I knew I wanted them to warn him about the unsavory element that could find him on Facebook unless he updated his privacy setting.

At that point, I start thinking visually: what will their faces look like? You can see in the third panel that the first guy is really happy. Initially, also, I had Nod landing in Mike’s lap. I eventually decided that was just too damn hard to draw and decided to have him sliding across the table gradually as he got more comfortable. So Nod gave me my visual that I thought would be funny along with the word gag.

And then something happened to me that has happened to me in a long time, maybe more than a year now. I had characters drawn, but I couldn’t decide where to put them, so I just drew them in as it felt right figuring I could go back and move them around:

facebook B

You can see I have the faces more or less settled. But now I had to assemble the pieces where I wanted them old school cut and paste . . . except now I have my Surface Pro 3!!

And there was much rejoicing. A cut and paste and place job that could have buried me in ye olden days was reduced to a merely annoying part of my sped up process. I was quite pleased.

You can see I hadn’t yet settled on how Nod was going to look, but I was getting there.

I finished up here:

facebook 4 750

I’ve figured out that I want Nod to inch-worm his way across the table with each successive pirate looking at him as he goes. I’ve also stripped down the words some more. I’m pretty pleased with the way that Blinky’s line goes in the third panel (“Which reminds me . . .”). I had been struggling with him saying, “Yeah,” to start, but I wanted Winky to say “yeah” to lead into his Weirdos comment.

I also like that the second panel got stripped down just to “Facebook” with Mike’s response: “Facebook?” It felt punchier and more matter of fact, plus it let me use Winky’s face to look at Nod as Nod made his way onto the table to sleep.

So that’s this week’s Workshop!

Note: for next week’s Masterpiece Monday, I’ll be doing my best to send out a link that takes you directly to the store instead of linking you to here first and _then_ getting the link to the store. I know it’s a pain. So the experimenting continues. Bear with me, faithful readers!

See you Friday for the new strip!



4 thoughts on “Workshop Wednesday: Facebook!

  1. And the final product is brilliant! When I saw this last Friday… I had a great laugh.
    I really like how you bring in the modern with Facebook… it keeps your strip relevant. You have such a nostalgic style that mentioning devices like Facebook, blogging, etc. keep it fresh and unexpected.
    Your colors work great too!
    And- this strip really makes me look forward to the next. Always a good thing.

    I hear you about tweaking ye ole website. Never ends. Looking good matey!


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