Wishlist Wednesday: Conk On The Head!

I took this week’s Wishlist Wednesday strip from an idea sent in by faithful reader Buzza Wuzza (whose own awesome strip, a personal fave of mine, you can find at http://www.gocomics.com/buzza-wuzza)!

Buzza writes (in best Kasey Kasem voice): “Pirate Mike should fall down and conk his head and have his mind go back to the time of real pirates where he succeeds at a huge level in obtaining swag, loot, etc, and then have him wake up to realize it was all in his mind. You could go back and forth between his conked daydream and the family doing their best for him in the β€œreal” world.”

So let’s see what I did with it:

Gutters 750

Well, BW, I’ve got him conked on the head and dreaming of huge success. I didn’t get to pull off the back and forth (though kind of), nor did I get Mike to go back in time (again, though, kind of), but I hope it’s at least a first shot at the kind of strip you were envisioning!

I have received a couple of other ideas I plan on using, but remember that Wishlist Wednesday is about you! What do you want to see Pirate Mike doing? Let me know!

See you tomorrow for Throwback Thursday!



15 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: Conk On The Head!

  1. It’s clear to me that you and Buzza Wuzza need to collaborate more together! A terrific idea and a fantastic execution Brad!!!
    So funny! That last comment by Mike’s wife is so funny. LOVE IT!!!


    • I’m glad! Thanks. Again, I had a couple of different takes for that last panel, but this is a good exercise to force me to pick something and go with it. And don’t worry: lots more Wishlist Wednesday collaborators coming up! Apply as often as you like! πŸ™‚


  2. What could be better than to have someone listen to your suggestion? Having that suggestion become a real live Pirate Mike strip!!! Thank you, Brad and I very much look forward to seeing what comes next!!!!!


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