Wishlist Wednesday!

The frequency of Wishlist Wednesday depends on you! This is an idea I got from reading Pluggers: the readers send in an idea and if the idea gets used, the reader’s name is included in the strip.

For Wishlist Wednesday, I’d like to do something similar. Send me an idea for the strip. When I use it on Wishlist Wednesday, I want to include your name on the credits for the strip. If you have a website of your own, I’d include that address as a link in the post for the day.

You can also include any of your own sketches of Pirate Mike. If possible and if you ask, I could incorporate the sketch into the art for the day’s strip. If you draw the entire strip, I could even credit you as a guest cartoonist!

So give it some thought and let’s see what happens!



6 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday!

  1. Pirate Mike should fall down and conk his head and have his mind go back to the time of real pirates where he succeeds at a huge level in obtaining swag, loot, etc, and then have him wake up to realize it was all in his mind. You could go back and forth between his conked daydream and the family doing their best for him in the “real” world.

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  2. I want to see Pirate Mike at work. Is he a boss or does he deliver pizza or does he just stand outside as a mascot? I’d love to know more of that storyline.
    I’d also like to see Pirate Mike run in with some bikers. 😉
    Great idea! I’ll try my hand at some Pirate Mike fan art.


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