Merchandise Mondays!

Welcome to a new feature: Merchandise Monday!

I’m thinking that every week, I could provide some sort of merchandise item. Really, I’m thinking along the lines of a different picture on a mug every week. So it would be a unique sketch of Pirate Mike, not necessarily a pic from the strip (though it could be). After a week, I’d switch the sketch to a new one.

More important, though, I’d like to hear from you folks. I notice folks occasionally clicking through to the Cafepress site, but not purchasing the mug, so I’d like to hear what _you_ would like to see.

What would you be interested in having from Pirate Mike that you could plunk down on your office desk or carry around the house or what have you? A shirt? A shot glass? There’s also (yes) a thong option believe it or not.

So let me know!

Talk to you tomorrow for Tweaky Tuesday!



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