Tweaky Tuesday! Throwback Thursday!

Like the previous strip, this one also popped into my head mostly fully-formed. With one exception.

Here’s where I finished:

Throwback 940

I couldn’t make up my mind about two things. First, do I include the fish in the last frame? I love the fish, but then I thought I was overindulging myself. But then I thought, I gotta have the fish, so the fish went in there. But the fish wasn’t talking yet:

Throwback 3

But the fish was already such a ’40s schtick, I had to have him talk the part, too. I had a couple of different ideas, but I can’t even remember them now because I fell in love with “Thanks, Pal!” I think another one was “See ya ’round!” and “S’long suckahs!” but I I wanted the fish to be sweeter and friendly to the kid, much like the goldfish and the canary were friendly to Jerry whenever he saved them from Tom.

And, of course, it’s an excuse to bring back The Dinghy of Doom! terror of the inland fishing lakes!


14 thoughts on “Tweaky Tuesday! Throwback Thursday!

  1. Like I said the other day – I love the fish’s fin outstretched in the last frame – and I agree that he needed to say something, and you could have realistically sat for hours thinking up possbilities – (“Sayonara!” “That’s the spirit, kid!!” “Love Thursdays!!”, etc etc etc

    The outstretched fin reminded me of an old Three Stooges short where a wrestler named Bustov slaps all three stooges in a row (Moe, Larry, Curley) and then outstretches his hand in a wave as he exits the scene…

    Until next week – Ben


  2. Yea- the “Thanks Pal” is perfect! I love those kind of innocent, non judgmental comments that just resonate.
    Had you used something hipper, (like I know what hip is), it would have soiled the final joke.
    You know, in some comics, creators might of had the fish retaliate or do something rude… but the spirit of Throwback Thursday is one of ‘all is forgiven’, ‘let’s be pals’, ‘life is grand’.
    You nailed it Brad! Perfecto!!


    • That’s so true, Pam. I envy a lot of hip strips. I really do enjoy them. My sensibility is just so straight, middle-of-the road, so I go with that. I definitely started with the fish doing something rude, though, believe me! I was much happier with the friendly approach at the end.


    • Yes! The little lion! Perfect! I can’t escape Krazy Kat and Tom’N’Jerry. The whole cat/mouse/dog thing is just such comics perfection. Any time I can tap that in even the slightest way, I am really really happy.


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