Throwback Thursday! (sorta)

Ok. I’m cheating. Today’s throwback is a new strip (and, yes, it will appear again tomorrow on New Comic Friday but I make the rules, so sue me), but it’s _kind_ of a throwback in that it harkens back to last week’s Throwback Thursday. Y’know, because The Dinghy of Doom is in both of them and they’re about fishing and, um . . .


Throwback 940




12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday! (sorta)

    • The fish in the last panel for me just makes the strip. For some reason, that’s the most fun I’ve had drawing a character in a while. I mean, I really do always have fun drawing, but that fish hit some kind of fundamental chord in me. “Thanks, Pal!” just so Little Rascals.

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      • That’s funny you said that, because the fish reminds me of some old animated B&W cartoon, but I can’t quite remember which one. It has that classic feel.


      • I’m thinking (I think) of either the goldfish who is friends with Jerry in Tom & Jerry (of course) or the evil fish who torments Tom in an episode when he sneaks on to park property past Spike to go fishing.

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