Throwback Thursday: Baseball!

Guess Mike’s favorite baseball team? And, surprise! He doesn’t take losing well.

This is the second Pirate Mike strip and it appeared on October 13, 2013.

Pirates Lose 940

At this point, I was still using a Pentel brush pen (which I loved). I was trying to be as loose as possible and even used it for the lettering. I’d draw it out on bristol board (Canson, I think, 2-ply) still and then scan it in and do corrections and coloring in GIMP software (which I still highly recommend). The Pentel brush pen I loved, though I did find its tip to fray quite quickly. I was feeding it with the Pentel ink still, if I recall correctly, though I did later switch to Noodler’s X-Feather (an ink I still love as well).

You can see here that the eyes are still my old Inkytown-style balloon eyes, though the characters’ features at this point are still similar to what they are now.

Let me know what you think!

I love seeing how cartoons grow and change over time.



15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Baseball!

  1. Do you still draw your initial comic by hand or do you go directly to the computer now?
    You know, I like your old style eyes but I also think change is good. The longer you draw a character the more it begins to morph for you. I do like seeing the progression.
    Great post Brad! I look forward to seeing more.

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    • I love those old eyes, too. They just were so big i had a hard time drawing much else! Nowadays, I might start with a jotted note either on my phone or a scrap of paper. I then go straight to my computer, a Surface Pro 3. I have developed an unnatural attachment to it!

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      • Sometimes I wish I loved drawing on the computer. But- it’s a skill I just haven’t taken time to learn. I’m afraid it would take me forever. It’s important to find the tools you love to work with… in your case Surface Pro 3.

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      • Ha! I like my own comments all the time. It’s very unnerving for some reason. Yeah, I had a knock-off tablet and I actually really liked it. It made me want to be able to draw on something directly that was also portable, so when the SP3 came out, I grabbed it.


  2. He must spend a lot of money on TVs. Maybe he should rent the telly & when his team loses just report it as a fault & get a swap/upgrade. I still use the balloon eyes they seem to work the best for my characters. It’s always interesting to compare people’s older work. I look at my early comics & shudder. I’ve been using GIMP for several years now & love it.


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