Pirate Mike’s Pizza Quota!

Manager Matt makes his appearance when I’m getting annoyed at things like Wells Fargo and its flunky CEO “Li’l Johnny” Stumpf trying to get me to believe that their employees just happened to do illegal things without their knowledge, like, say, opening fake bank accounts to meet bs sales quotas set by corporate. Plausible Deniability is apparently a new toy for those idiots, like the rest of us are too stupid to recognize when a corporation thinks it can get away with pressuring its employees into doing dirty work. I suspect this is an epidemic in corporate America and is one of the reasons for why so many people are miserable in their jobs. But don’t worry! I’m sure this will have no relation to keeping our country strong or anything, so long as folks like Li’l Johnny Stumpf (a proud Minnesotan!) get to keep the millions of dollars they make by cracking the whip.