Pirate Mike Chats With His Mother-In-Law!

Ah, Judy. Perhaps Judy also deserves her own strip. I just love her. I always have to be careful using her, though, because, of course, the obvious thing to do is to make comments about real-life mothers-in-law and I have to stop people because art does not always imitate life. My mother-in-law is truly a second mother to me and I don’t know what I would do without her. Judy’s spunkiness definitely comes from my mother-in-law’s own energetic personality and I’m willing to bet people half her age wish they had even a hint of her liveliness. And I also kind of stole her hairstyle for Judy, which I love. Other than that, though, the hostility between Judy and Mike is for comedic purposes only. Ok. Good. I’m hoping my mother-in-law will let me back in the house now . . . 🙂