NEW Pirate Mike Website!

As a great glass pitcher of red-colored water once said as he unapologetically busted through the wall of my grandparents’ rec room in 1981: “OH YEAHHHHHHHHHH!”

Thanks to the great Brock Beauchamp for doing the new site. You can check out his own awesome comics and his own awesome website building prowess at

The big feature here, in my opinion, is now you can review EVERY SINGLE Pirate Mike strip simply by looking immediately below the strip for the links to “first,” “random,” and “next.” If you want to read _all_ the Pirate Mike strips, you can simply go to first or start clicking on random, or go to first and then go from one strip to the next by clicking, um, “next.”

It’s all very sophisticated, I can assure you.

In the meantime, now that I’ve got a new site up, continue to bear with me as far as new material. I have some ideas, but I’m trying to build up a critical mass of new writing material so I can do a better job of weeding through materials, upgrading the writing and having a backlog ready to go rather than living from one strip to the next. I think it will improve the quality of the writing, and that’s my real goal.

Let me know what you think!